CWD Emergency Summit

Join us this weekend for and Emergency Summit on CWD.

Details in this document: CWD Emergency Summit

Tickets available here:

Opening statement of Congressman Ryan Zinke before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Now Confirmed as Secretary of the Interior, this was the opening statement of Congressman Ryan Zinke before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, January 17, 2017.

Of note are his commitments to protecting and maintaining America's treasured public lands rich in diversity, in accordance with the wisdom of Teddy Roosevelt, John Muir, and Gifford Pinchot. In furtherance of that wisdom, now Secretary Zinke committed to best practices, sustainable policies, and objective science to fulfil the public trust—specifically including future generations ("our children's children"). He outlined the need to ensure professional conduct, to provide the necessary tools, resources, and flexibility to make decisions to serve the people. Finally, he recognized the necessity of vital stakeholder engagement, including those of Indian Nations, to sustain public lands and the treasures they contain.

We applaud these clear and necessary commitments of the Secretary to fulfill his duty. It is now the equally solemn duty of the public to provide the vital, obvious, and sufficient support to ensure that those commitments are met.

Zinke Testimony

European Food Safety Authority examines CWD

The European Food Safety Authority has published their examination of the "risk of introduction of Chronic Wasting Disease into the EU," available here:

This follows the update to the UK analysis last year described in our paper.

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The Alliance for Public Wildlife website is up and running. Much more content coming. Check back soon.

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